Lightning & Fred

I’ve been  sorting through old boxes of mine that my dad found in the attic of my parent’s house. Came across a children’s book that I wrote when I was 12 years old & in the 7th grade. It was dedicated to my cousins-Ashlee, Autumn, & Allie who had just moved to Florida & the story was about a dog and horse (not a big shock!). Pretty sure it could be nominated for a Newbury Children’s book award, has the potential to be made into a screenplay, & has the best illustrations that I’ve ever seen. 🙂

I can’t help that this makes me smile! Enjoy!

Lightning and Fred By Carey Henderson

Dedicated to my cousins Ashlee, Autumn, and Allie Cooper whom I love and miss very much

Once upon a time there lived a farmer and his wife. They had a horse Lightning and a dog named Fred.

One day Fred overheard Mr. Farmer talking to his wife. “I think it’s about (time) to sell Lightning” the man said. “Yes” said

the farmer’s wife. “That settles it I’ll put him in the paper tomorrow” the farmer said. Fred ran off to tell Lightning.

“Lightning, Lightning” Fred cried. “What is it Fred?” Lightning asked. “The farmer and his wife are going to sell you”

The next day a farmer and his daughter came to look at Lightning. “We will take him, well pick him up tomorrow”

Later that night Fred decided to take a walk in the woods. “How am I going to live without Lightning” Fred thought.

When Fred woke up the next morning Lightning was already gone. Fred didn’t eat or sleep for three days.

A couple of months later Fred had a new friend Porky. He’ll never forget Lightning but he still had memories. The End.

About the Author

Carey Henderson was born on August, 19 1980, she is 12 yrs old and attends school at Sailorway Middle School (or SMS). Carey enjoys horseback riding, babysitting, and acting. Carey loves animals especially horses. Carey wants to be a veterinarian or professional horse jumper when she grows up, she also wants to live in a old, old, house in California.




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2 responses to “Lightning & Fred

  1. That was very sweet, you had the beginnings of a writer at 12. 🙂

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