What your favorite Halloween candy says about you…yes, YOU!

Everyone’s got a favorite Halloween candy, the candy that you steal out of trick or treaters Halloween buckets. In light of Halloween 2011 coming to a close, I decided to do some research & see what candy choices say about one’s personality. My favorite happen to be Kit-Kat’s & Butterfinger’s, after reading what they said though, I might be tempted to switch flavors….nah, probably not! 🙂

See if your favorite’s match up with your personalities. You might be surprised!


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

You have a big personality! You feel things strongly & are happy-go-lucky. You enjoy life & are fun to be around. You laugh heartily, love deeply, & are a loyal friend. Peanut butter & chocolate will always be a stable combination.


Snickers Candy Bar

You’re energetic, impulsive, & can bring life to any idea or situation. You’re a clear thinker who is full of action.


Twix Candy Bar

You have many conflicting characteristics: sometimes sweet & mild-mannered, other times grumpy & temperamental. You’re very complex, interesting, & full of surprises.


Candy Corn

You’re very traditional, & take life seriously…sometimes to seriously. You’re inflexible & set high standards for yourself & others. You’re an overachiever, often found in leadership positions. You’re focused & driven. You’re consistent, hard-working, & logical.


Butterfinger Candy Bar

You’re a smooth character. Your charm is legendary. You’re the type of person that can get away with almost anything. You’ve got a wild side & can be hard to tame. You can be secretive & complicated, but can also be flaky. You tend to be high-strung & can have a hard time staying focused. You tend to be going a million miles an hour that people have a hard time keeping up. People crave to be in your company.



You’re energetic & full of inspiration. You never slow down & you’re constantly leaving people & ideas behind. Have a tendency not to follow through on what you’ve started. You’re a true visionary, & are constantly thinking about your “next” project & future. You love living & you like to stay flexible. You’re a free spirit & am open to wherever life takes you.



You’re a people pleaser. It’s your goal in life to make everyone happy. You like to put a smile on everyone’s face.


Sweet Tarts & Sour Patch Kids


 You like to keep everyone guessing. You tend to not be who you say you are


Blow Pops

You’re very feminine & bubbly. You tend to be animated, talk with your hands, & easily excitable.


Kit-Kat Candy Bar

You can have an icy demeanor. You both fascinate & terrify others. You’re very intelligent, a quick thinker, crafty & tend to be a born leader.


Almond Joy Candy Bar

You tend to be more laid back, relaxed, & have a “go with the flow” personality. You can also have a dark, demented side & can be aggressive.


-I found the above information from a number of different websites, including: washingtonpost.com, northwesternstateuniversity/drcarsihughes.com, & sparklife.com.- 



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2 responses to “What your favorite Halloween candy says about you…yes, YOU!

  1. Kylie

    **!~I LOVE SNICKERS!!! Skittles & Butterfingers are great too : ) I’m candy crazy & proud of it~!**

    • Carey D. Henderson

      Haha! I’m glad. I actually try to not eat this kinda stuff anymore. I’ve switched to living a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle so I’ve cut out almost all milk chocolate. Oreo’s (vegan) are a nice substitution.

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