Smartest things heard in…January!

I love the New Year! It’s a new beginning, a chance to start fresh, make amends & move beyond the mistakes of the previous year. It’s a blank slate that’s waiting to be filled. The excitement of the new year was vanished when my family made the tough, but brave, decision to transfer my grandma into the hospice program. She has been battling cancer strongly for 2years & sadly we discovered there wasn’t anything left for the doctors to do. Although the end is near, the new year has given our family a chance to enjoy whatever time we have left with her. It truly is a blessing to be able to sit down, in the comfort of my grandparents home, & be able to hear stories & lessons direct from grandma herself. This year will be tough, but it will be good!

1/5-“Do you drink alcohol?”(nurse at hospital when asking my grandma health questions), “No, but I’m tempted to start.”-my grandma’s answer, if you knew my grandma you would find this insanely hilarious. She’s only touched alcohol once in her life & it was wine from a Dixie cup when she was in her 20’s-what a wild girl!- Smile

“Over-thinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry, and just makes everything much worse than it actually is. “-my friend, Betty Barker’s Facebook status-

“Awwww…tomorrow you’ll be a beautiful butterfly!” (comment I made to my dad when I saw him cocooned up in blankets on my parent’s couch), “Well, look at you big time college grad coming up with that all on your own.”-Dad’s response back…why is it Dad’s always have a way of making your super funny moments seem really stupid???-

1/10-“Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away.”-Adabella Radici-

“Faith is believing in something you cannot feel, touch, or see. It’s knowing that its never to late to fight for what’s important. It’s hope & love combined.”-didn’t catch his name, but a Catholic priest said this on the news, I don’t even know what the story was about, but I was lucky enough to catch him say this-

“If you pinch the pennies, the dollars will pinch themselves.”-some financial guy on the same news episode, apparently it was a really quote-filled news hour for me-

1/12-“I love you, Carey”-my grandma. This was a day after she had one of her strokes. She was having trouble walking, struggling to talk, & I had just got done brushing her hair & pampering her. It brought on the tears & is a moment that I will hold onto forever-

“If you’re doing things right, when you’re born you come into this world crying & everyone else is rejoicing. And when you leave this world, you’re rejoicing & everyone else is crying.”-my Uncle Rick…I don’t think I’ve given him enough credit, who would’ve thought that UNCLE RICK would come up with a little gem like this one-

1/13-“Remember, there is a great God in Heaven, a great God. And when he calls, we must go. We must go because He only calls when we’re ready & at our very best.”-Mother Angelica-my good friend, Kaitlin King, sent me this quote after hearing about my grandma. How can this not bring you comfort??? Smile

“Swallowing your pride won’t give you indigestion.”-Caroline Ingalls, on Little House on the Prairie-I haven’t had a LHOTP quote in awhile, so had to throw one in the mix.

1/15-“Church shouldn’t be a museum of good people, but a hospital for the broken.”-Guy on the radio-

1/17-“Even the darkest night will end & the sun will rise.”-from the Lion King-

1/19-“Wishing you were someone else is an insult to God.”-Joel Osteen-

“Live your life so you can stand right before the Lord.”-Joel Osteen-

1/23-“I kill everything I touch.”(hospice nurse), “Perhaps you need to find a new profession.”-me, even though she was talking about houseplants, not what you want to hear the nurse say, good thing she knew I was joking & she just rolled her eyes-

1/24-“Any compliments that you received on earth will one day be gone & all that will be left for you is the truth. All that matters is the reality of who you are before God.”-Francis Chan, from the book Crazy Love-

1/25-“No smile is stronger than the one that holds back all the tears.”-Quotes & Scriptures 101’s Facebook status-

1/29-“As long as there is breath there is hope for healing.”-my great-uncle Earl.


Our winter hasn’t been very snowy & cold-this is how winter is supposed to be!


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