All things “girly”…makin’ some homemade body wash!


This past Christmas I tried my hand at making my gifts homemade. For my Grandma Martinez I made her a basket filled with items to pamper herself with, one of the items was homemade body wash. I’ve got terrible skin allergies, I actually had an allergy test done a few years ago & it showed 197 allergens present! Almost 85% of them were skin related allergies. So needless to say I have to be very careful about what lotions, body wash, detergent, pretty much anything that comes in contact with my skin, I use. Making this pampering basket for my Grandma was the perfect opportunity to whip up a few extra batches of goodies for myself to see how it works with my insanely (annoying) allergic skin. I have to be honest, I really didn’t have to much faith in the body wash working out. I’ve tried countless “all-natural”, holistic, “pure”…(blah blah blah) products & still had problems with them. Through doing research, I learned that even “all-natural” products still have some chemicals in them due to the preservation need. I spent many hours reading articles online- comparing different ingredients to see what combination/recipe worked for me. I wanted to mix the least amount of ingredients possible, but a finishing product that still held up in the moisturizing department (since I also have extremely dry skin). After many failed batches, adding a little more of this, taking away a little more of that, I came up with a recipe that works for me. Since I’ve been bragging about how much I love my homemade body wash, I’ve had quite a few people ask how to make it, so I’ve decided to not be stingy & share Smile 

It’s simple & easy…hope it works out for ya’ll!

Homemade Body Wash

What you’ll need:

water (approximately 1qt)

1 bar Castile Soap (I use Kirk’s-its made with coconut oil, no preservatives & not tested on animals)

4oz liquid Glycerin (again, no preservatives, all natural…its nature’s moisturizer)

scented essential oil (optional. Most are vegetable based & extracted with little preservation involved)

soap coloring (I rarely use this-just not necessary for myself, however, if you’re gifting out might want to add a pretty color.)



Step 1: Boil water in large pot & add bar of Castile soap. Let water boil until soap is completely broken down. Should take about 15min’s-you can also use a food processor to cut soap into small shavings. I tried this & it did make this step a lot faster, however, I was worried it would dull my food processor blades. Also, the first time I made this I used distilled water & skipped the boiling process. It took a lot longer for the soap to completely dissolve (hours instead of minutes), but the body wash was softer. Not enough to matter to me, but might be important to others.


Step 2: After soap is completely dissolved, let it cool down enough to be warm & not scolding, add 4oz. of liquid Glycerin. If you choose, you can add your scented oil at this time (use “essential” oil). I like the lighter scents (lilac is my favorite). I just add it until I can barely begin to smell it.  This is the step where you would also add your soap coloring if you want color. I used orange so it would show up better in the pictures.


Step 3:  I used empty body wash containers to store my homemade body wash. They’re the perfect fit & you can fill about 2 bottles using this recipe. Using a funnel pour liquid body wash into containers (about 3/4 way full). This step can be messy so make sure you put your body wash containers in another container to catch any overspill.


Step 4: Make sure the bottles are only 3/4 way filled. The Glycerin & soap will coagulate together & harden up (takes about 4hours). Prior to use you’ll need to add water & shake to mix together. The body wash will look lumpy & gloopy, but once it mixes together it will have the consistency & look of the store-bought body wash that you’re used to seeing.



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12 responses to “All things “girly”…makin’ some homemade body wash!

  1. Cool Carey. I am gonna try making this. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  2. i got the liquid glycern instead as that .ok how much liquid gylcerin makes up for a soap bar and do I heat it..

    • Carey D. Henderson

      Hi Jodi…I add liquid glycering and Castille soap. The glycerin is just a moisturizing agent, I add 4oz. Not sure how much glycerin equals a bar of soap, again I don’t think there is any disinfectant agents in the glycerin, but I’ll look into it & let you know. I do heat the soap to melt, however, I don’t heat the glycerin. It comes out kinda goopy, but does dissolve when added to water. Hope that helps!

  3. corey

    Does the wash have an expiration date, since it is missing some of the preservitives.

    • Carey D. Henderson

      I’m sure, eventually, it would start to mold & get yucky. I’ve never had it long enough to do that. It doesn’t foam up as well as store bought body wash does, so you do tend to use more of the product. I usually make it in bulk which produces about 3 bottles & this lasts me about 2months (give or take). I’m sure you could refridgerate it to make it last longer, just make sure you add warm water to de-coagulate it before use.

  4. corey

    I made the wash and it still is really liquidy after 24 hours. was the measurement for 4 cups of water correct?

    • Carey D. Henderson

      That’s what I use. It might be the glycerin that you used. That has more to do with coagulating the product than the water does. Add more glycerin & see if that helps & try it with less water if you make it again. Good luck!

  5. katherine vasquez

    im 12 and you are my inspiration my parents got shot 2 weeks ago and dies so i made this for my mom and i put it on her thank you soo much.

    • Carey D. Henderson

      Please accept my sympathy’s, so sorry to hear about this. Glad you liked making this & glad I could help. Hang in there 🙂

  6. Carey,
    Love the idea and the natural component for this. Some of the other recipes suggest mixing with a mixer after it has cooled down and started to congeal. Have you tried that? You may not have to add more water then.

  7. I did with the recipe I made. It came out creamy/foamy. So far my husband really likes it.

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