The Tale of Three Trees…

Last night while catching up on my back episodes of Once Upon a Time, out of nowhere my favorite book from childhood popped into my head (scratch that, one of my favorite books of all time). Since I have an overly obsessive personality & HAD TO FIND IT RIGHT THAT MOMENT to read, my TV watching got put on hold so I could go on a mad dash through the house to locate my copy (still tucked away in a box unpacked).

If you’ve been following my blog or I’ve personally talked & prayed about this with you, then you know I’ve had a certain situation that’s been heavy on my heart for awhile now. I’m constantly praying about it & the lack of answers/no resolution is frustrating & stressing me out big time.  Reminding me of this story (I must’ve read it 3 or 4 times in the middle of the hallway last night) was God’s way of smacking me in the head & telling me, “Quit your bitching & remember that I’ve got this!” (yes, God does swear at me. He always knows the best way to communicate with his children Winking smile).


As an adult, you sometimes forget that the lessons taught in childhood still hold true today. What a great reminder this book is on recognizing that even when the dreams you have in your heart don’t look like they’re going to come true, remain in faith, & remember that God’s plan for your life is far bigger & far greater than anything you can imagine.

If you’ve got children in your life, pick up this book for them:

 The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt.

And if you’re not a reader, I found a YouTube video done on the story.

Watch it a dozen times until the message really sinks in:

Keep the Faith & Trust in God’s plan.


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