One Thousand Gifts…Week 1

My Women’s Bible Study is reading Ann Voskamp’s, One Thousand Gifts. It’s the author’s story of her journey to find 1000 things to be grateful for during the course of a year. Regardless of what darkness she was going through, she forced herself to find the joy in the midst of “deadlines, debt, drama, & daily duties.” To look & be thankful everyday for God’s glory.

It’s “Eucharisteo: grace, thanksgiving, & joy”

It’s getting in the habit of keeping your eyes on God & your hands open in thanks…even when the thanksgiving hurts.


As suggested by my good friend & Bible Study Leader, Pastor Heidi Strickler (faith in flip flops), I’m working on my own “One Thousand Gifts” list of thanksgiving.

“God wastes nothing & makes everything work for his plan. He is always good & you’re always loved”

-Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

Week 1

1- time spent with my brother, Chad, & nieces Haylie & Alexis

2-Women’s Bible Study classes started & the selection is One Thousand Gifts

3-my dog Waylon got scared & ran up to me looking for comfort & reassurance

4-sound of church bells ringing from an old, one-room church down the street from mechurch bells

5-the older lady that works at the dry cleaners. She’s always smiling & chatting, reminds me of my late Grandma C.

6-the local gas station (only store in town) carries chocolate peanut butter Bugles, the perfect salty/sweet snack when a craving kicks in

7-lazy mornings spent watching a Little House on the Prairie marathon (despite the fact that I’ve seen every episode a dozen times)

8-a vehicle that is showing her age, but still manages to get me where I need to go safely

9-phone calls from my mom reassuring me about things that I’m worried about

10-pulling up the driveway & seeing my cat sitting in the upstairs window.

11- when the raining downpour starts after I’ve arrived to work & not on my drive or walk into the building.


13-supportive texts from my Sister-in-Law, Robin.

14-a 60* day in the middle of January

15-when a cooking recipe turns out exactly as good as you hoped it would

16-the sound of rain as I’m falling asleep

17- A Sunday morning church service message that fits exactly what struggles lie on my heart

18- Pastors that are also close friends that pray over me

19- afternoon lunch dates with my Grandpa

20- evening walks with my dog

21- a good hard cry

22- bible scriptures that speak to a need I’m going through

23- a dog that is crazy happy to see me after a long, rough day7.28 (4)

24- friends that hug, love, & pray on me when they know I’m hurting



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2 responses to “One Thousand Gifts…Week 1

  1. I am so proud to be your friend!!! You authenticity and zest for life even when it’s tough inspires me!!! Love you much!!

    • Carey D. Henderson

      Thanks lady! You have more confidence in my abilities during the tough times than I do, haha. What Ann said about,”how can you be grateful for the good times & not be grateful for the bad?”…really made me think! So excited you picked this selection this course, I think it resonates with a lot of ladies 🙂

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