One Thousand Gifts…Week 2

25- The sound my cowboy boots make when I walk on asphalt…heel, thump, heel, thump (don’t judge my dorkiness) cowboyboots1

26-cups of hot green tea

27-flower scented Scentsy bars

28-news that my dad’s cancer hasn’t spread anywhere else in his body

29-quiet moments spent in prayer

30-the endless laughter I get at watching the squirrels run, play, & chase each other in my backyard (usually before my dog notices them & defends his property from the evil-doers squirrels are). Boy, are squirrels nuts! Winking smile

31-unexpected gifts of piles of books!

32-afternoon Friday lunch date with my Grandma

33-a job to get up & go to

hoofprints134-walking the trails at work & seeing them full of hoof-print tracks

35-co-workers that make a work day fun

36-seeing deer when I’m out hiking

37-honoring Martin Luther King, Jr & a reassurance of faith in people when they stand up for what is right when “enough is enough”

38-The rhododendron & holly bushes outside my living room bay window that attract dozens of wild songbirds. I get to watch them from only a few inches away (the bird-watcher in me loves this favorite thing about my house).

39-When I’ve wronged & hurt a family member (after I’ve become defensive & full of excuses on “why” I hurt them), my conscious doesn’t let me relax until I’ve apologized & corrected my behavior.

40-my brother came through his surgery with flying colors





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