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One Thousand Gifts…Weeks 4-7

Okay, I know I’ve been terribly lazy about posting my One Thousand Gifts. I’d love more than anything to fill you with all these excuses about how I’ve been super busy with work, my family…life. But the truth is I’ve just been…lazy. I started off writing 3 “gifts” a day & that’s dwindled to one a every other day…one every week & so on.

So, my weeks are lumped together so it looks more filled than what it actually is. (again….lazy!). And I’m making a conscious effort to start this week (my “gifts” weeks run from Wed-Wed) to get back in the habit of 3 a day…well, maybe one a day!

“Think Happy. Be Happy!”


One Thousand Gifts: Weeks 4-7

61. Fresh clean-laundry!!!! *I know, I know…I’ve lived in my house for 148752_608511712497962_1389588840_nalmost a year & still haven’t broke down and purchased a washer/dryer yet. Just seems like other expenses seem more pressing* 

62. How beautiful the sky looks as the sun’s peeking through snow clouds. Especially because the sun shining on an Ohio winter day is a rarity!

63. when I get the opportunity to see a situation through a perspective other than my own.

64. a check lost in the mail was recovered & deposited (doubly thankful that multiple checks wrote for bills were not cashed & nothing bounced!)

65. women who remind me to, “live in the present” when I find myself thinking of past memories

66. Aunt Gloria & the struggles she overcame during her lifetime. She will be missed.

67. after another visit to the hospital that resulted in a few days stay, my dad is home from the hospital again & mending (again!). Subsequently, my Grandma is home & mending from her heart-attack (that happened the same time my dad was in the hospital). Been a rough February!

68. the right to (occasionally) have myself a temper-tantrum, pity party, & “feeling sorry for myself” night.

69. an afternoon spent with my nieces & how excited they get when they’re allowed to spend the night with me. Although, I think a swim party & my dog had more to do with their excitement than an evening spent with their aunt Winking smile


70. nighttime hikes on starry, clear, winter nights! *my favorite time of year to get a good hike in*

71. “There’s no difference between us when it comes to the Lord”-words by Pastor Jim, followed by an “Amen” said by a handicapped, disabled gentleman in a wheelchair at a Sunday morning church service. What a lesson!

72. the fact that my cat, Sundae, sleeps at the foot of my bed every night. Snoring away!

73. Bible scriptures that remind me to,”keep the faith” when I can feel it fading. hanginthere1

74. Being a girl & it being perfectly acceptable to spend 2 hours in the bathroom playing with my hair, doing my nails, plucking my eyebrows, waxing/shaving, experimenting with makeup, exfoliating & moisturizing Smile

LetGoLetGod175. reminders of “let go & let God”

76. powerful church services where you know God is moving, answering, & grace is overflowing

77. living within minutes of great hiking spots & a love for being outdoors

78. my mom telling me, “your dog is so attached to you”. Makes me smile because I know trust is an issue for him & we’ve been working on trying to overcome.

79. indoor flowers that are blooming, reminds me that spring is soon here! Baby animals, sunnier days, warmer weather, & green everywhere! amaryllis1



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“Ode to the Perfect Dog”

My sister-in-law, Robin, sent me a link to this poem several months ago & I came across it today while cleaning out old junk emails (its not classified as “junk” so it got saved, no worries Robin Smile)

She said it reminded her of how I talk about Waylon, my one-eyed, rough looking rescue Australian Cattle Dog (who happens to be snuggled up next to me in my oversized recliner).

If you know me, as I’m assuming you do if you’re reading this blog, then you already know about my love (obsession) with my big guy. I was just talking to my mom last night about him & told her that I can’t imagine having another dog in my life that is more perfect for me than he is! It’s truly been a God-thing how he came to be a part of my life & as the rescue-saying goes, “I didn’t rescue him, he rescued me.”

I’ve always been a big advocate & supporter for animal rescue, but after going through the process personally I’m even more passionate about the work. I urge everyone to look into rescue & adoption groups if you’re deciding to add a fur-baby into your family. I promise you won’t regret it. There’s nothing in the world quite like the love you get from a rescue pet; they come with memories of an, oftentimes, heartbreaking past. But trusting & grateful enough to pour out their love onto you! animalrescue1

The Perfect Dog

My son asked a question as little boys do
Of me in my wisdom and all that I knew.

“Is there a dog that is perfect?” he asked on a whim,
Well, I thought and I thought about where to begin.

“He’d have ears that were floppy… or cropped and alert
And eyes that were sleepy… or perky and pert,
He’d leap like a bunny or sit in your lap
And run fast as horses… or opt for a nap.

“A dog that is perfect would be covered in spots
Or maybe one-color … and then have spots-not.

“He’d be small as a teacup… or big as a house,
With a nose that seemed flattened … or long like a mouse,

“He’d swim and he’d hunt with a coat flying free
Or be dainty and delicate … and ‘He’d’ be a ‘She’

As I struggled to answer, and not with a clue,
My son, with a smile, said, out of the blue,
With the wisdom of children, what he already knew…

The dog that is perfect … is the one next to you.

– John O’Hurley

9.28.12 (2)

*My rescued love; Waylon Moonshine* 179299628884871512_astznf63_b

8.5.12 (500x289)


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Random Questions…"Your Life in a Movie Title"

My blogs have been to heavy lately. I needed something light, something fun to blog about. Something that didn’t require to much thinking. I should know better then to ever assume I could do something that,”didn’t require thinking”. I over-analyze & over-think EVERYTHING.

This blog is no different.

Work days can be long, especially a slow-winter day. When you work with some smart-asses & most tend to think “outside the box”…you can come up with some interesting ways to get through a shift. The question, “if you could describe your love life/sex life using only movie titles” was the question posed via email, text & through the work place ranks. The guys, of course, bragged about, “ I am Legend, Anaconda, The Bone Collector”…while the girls were more subdued with, “Toy Story, Titanic, The Quick & the Dead”. I, as only I can do, read the text in a hurry, didn’t really grasp what they were going for & responded with “Must Love Dogs”. Major Fail!

50_first_datesI re-correcting & went with “50 First Dates” (aside from the fact that its one of my favorite movies) it also seems to describe how I never seem to get beyond the first few days before I bail (or they do) out.




This is the background story that led to today’s blog:


For me, this required some thought. While “Forest Gump” was the first movie that came to mind. Since its only supposed to be based on a Movie Title, that wouldn’t work. Of course, “Dumb & Dumber” was a top contender, followed by “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” & “A Goofy Movie” (I’ve got to have some kind of token 80’s Animated Disney movie).flightplan1

Flight Plan” was also on the list, since I rarely do anything or make any decision without analyzing every possible scenario that could possibly happen.

A friend suggested “Little Miss Sunshine”, which I liked, but didn’t think it described my overall life.

After some list-making (because that’s what I do!) & some narrowing down. I finally decided on “Bounce”. To me, I think that no matter what life has thrown at me, either through my fault or not; I keep getting up, keep moving forward. I may be knocked out for awhile, but eventually I pull through & get to the next challenge. Bounce…yep, Bounce.


Because life is about bouncing; not staying down but moving forward. And when you look back on what knocked you down, oftentimes, its opened the door for something great. Its “bounced” you into something better!!!!

I like it!



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Dog Rules for Humans

I’ve failed at (most) of these. No wonder some days Waylon gives me the evil eye (singular). Smile


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One Thousand Gifts…Week 3

41- “I love you” texts from my Dad

42- experienced & skilled surgeons, surgical staff, & nurses

43- God’s hand of healing & comfort when I feel out-of-control

44- cuddling up with my Grandma’s afghan after a long, stressful day

45-cupcakes from Sweets by Maggie. Smile sweetsbymaggie1

46- my brother Luke, & the funny ways he makes me laugh

47- coming home to a meal cooking all day in the crock-pot & the way it makes your house smell like delicious-ness

48- my dad’s best-friend of 35 (plus) years & the loyalty & friendship our family shares with him.

49- receiving letters of encouragement in the mail

50- surprise bonus checks from work

51- male cardinals sitting on tree-branches on a snowy day

52- coupons!

53- baby dedication days at church

54- news that my dad’s feeling better after days of being up & down

prayerbracelet55- unexpected gifts from my mom (my prayer bracelet)

56- a finished work project

57- the excitement my dog shows when he receives a new chewy

58- baking homemade bread!

59- knowing my dad’s resting comfortably at home & no longer in the hospital

60- Beer & popcorn for dinner

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