Random Questions…"Your Life in a Movie Title"

My blogs have been to heavy lately. I needed something light, something fun to blog about. Something that didn’t require to much thinking. I should know better then to ever assume I could do something that,”didn’t require thinking”. I over-analyze & over-think EVERYTHING.

This blog is no different.

Work days can be long, especially a slow-winter day. When you work with some smart-asses & most tend to think “outside the box”…you can come up with some interesting ways to get through a shift. The question, “if you could describe your love life/sex life using only movie titles” was the question posed via email, text & through the work place ranks. The guys, of course, bragged about, “ I am Legend, Anaconda, The Bone Collector”…while the girls were more subdued with, “Toy Story, Titanic, The Quick & the Dead”. I, as only I can do, read the text in a hurry, didn’t really grasp what they were going for & responded with “Must Love Dogs”. Major Fail!

50_first_datesI re-correcting & went with “50 First Dates” (aside from the fact that its one of my favorite movies) it also seems to describe how I never seem to get beyond the first few days before I bail (or they do) out.




This is the background story that led to today’s blog:


For me, this required some thought. While “Forest Gump” was the first movie that came to mind. Since its only supposed to be based on a Movie Title, that wouldn’t work. Of course, “Dumb & Dumber” was a top contender, followed by “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” & “A Goofy Movie” (I’ve got to have some kind of token 80’s Animated Disney movie).flightplan1

Flight Plan” was also on the list, since I rarely do anything or make any decision without analyzing every possible scenario that could possibly happen.

A friend suggested “Little Miss Sunshine”, which I liked, but didn’t think it described my overall life.

After some list-making (because that’s what I do!) & some narrowing down. I finally decided on “Bounce”. To me, I think that no matter what life has thrown at me, either through my fault or not; I keep getting up, keep moving forward. I may be knocked out for awhile, but eventually I pull through & get to the next challenge. Bounce…yep, Bounce.


Because life is about bouncing; not staying down but moving forward. And when you look back on what knocked you down, oftentimes, its opened the door for something great. Its “bounced” you into something better!!!!

I like it!




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7 responses to “Random Questions…"Your Life in a Movie Title"

  1. Pure awesomeness right here!!!! Bounce is a perfect pick for you!!!! I need to think what movie describes my life!!!

  2. Love it. It reminds me of what we talked about long ago, “The soundtrack of my life.” party We never did that. =( Now you’ve got me thinking.

    • Carey D. Henderson

      I did a blog about that too, last year. For you its got to be something crazy, I’m thinking “Curious George” (in honor of the Bananas), “Cheaper by the Dozen” (for all the kids) or “Happy Feet” 🙂

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