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One Thousand Gifts…Weeks 4-7

Okay, I know I’ve been terribly lazy about posting my One Thousand Gifts. I’d love more than anything to fill you with all these excuses about how I’ve been super busy with work, my family…life. But the truth is I’ve just been…lazy. I started off writing 3 “gifts” a day & that’s dwindled to one a every other day…one every week & so on.

So, my weeks are lumped together so it looks more filled than what it actually is. (again….lazy!). And I’m making a conscious effort to start this week (my “gifts” weeks run from Wed-Wed) to get back in the habit of 3 a day…well, maybe one a day!

“Think Happy. Be Happy!”


One Thousand Gifts: Weeks 4-7

61. Fresh clean-laundry!!!! *I know, I know…I’ve lived in my house for 148752_608511712497962_1389588840_nalmost a year & still haven’t broke down and purchased a washer/dryer yet. Just seems like other expenses seem more pressing* 

62. How beautiful the sky looks as the sun’s peeking through snow clouds. Especially because the sun shining on an Ohio winter day is a rarity!

63. when I get the opportunity to see a situation through a perspective other than my own.

64. a check lost in the mail was recovered & deposited (doubly thankful that multiple checks wrote for bills were not cashed & nothing bounced!)

65. women who remind me to, “live in the present” when I find myself thinking of past memories

66. Aunt Gloria & the struggles she overcame during her lifetime. She will be missed.

67. after another visit to the hospital that resulted in a few days stay, my dad is home from the hospital again & mending (again!). Subsequently, my Grandma is home & mending from her heart-attack (that happened the same time my dad was in the hospital). Been a rough February!

68. the right to (occasionally) have myself a temper-tantrum, pity party, & “feeling sorry for myself” night.

69. an afternoon spent with my nieces & how excited they get when they’re allowed to spend the night with me. Although, I think a swim party & my dog had more to do with their excitement than an evening spent with their aunt Winking smile


70. nighttime hikes on starry, clear, winter nights! *my favorite time of year to get a good hike in*

71. “There’s no difference between us when it comes to the Lord”-words by Pastor Jim, followed by an “Amen” said by a handicapped, disabled gentleman in a wheelchair at a Sunday morning church service. What a lesson!

72. the fact that my cat, Sundae, sleeps at the foot of my bed every night. Snoring away!

73. Bible scriptures that remind me to,”keep the faith” when I can feel it fading. hanginthere1

74. Being a girl & it being perfectly acceptable to spend 2 hours in the bathroom playing with my hair, doing my nails, plucking my eyebrows, waxing/shaving, experimenting with makeup, exfoliating & moisturizing Smile

LetGoLetGod175. reminders of “let go & let God”

76. powerful church services where you know God is moving, answering, & grace is overflowing

77. living within minutes of great hiking spots & a love for being outdoors

78. my mom telling me, “your dog is so attached to you”. Makes me smile because I know trust is an issue for him & we’ve been working on trying to overcome.

79. indoor flowers that are blooming, reminds me that spring is soon here! Baby animals, sunnier days, warmer weather, & green everywhere! amaryllis1



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One Thousand Gifts…Week 3

41- “I love you” texts from my Dad

42- experienced & skilled surgeons, surgical staff, & nurses

43- God’s hand of healing & comfort when I feel out-of-control

44- cuddling up with my Grandma’s afghan after a long, stressful day

45-cupcakes from Sweets by Maggie. Smile sweetsbymaggie1

46- my brother Luke, & the funny ways he makes me laugh

47- coming home to a meal cooking all day in the crock-pot & the way it makes your house smell like delicious-ness

48- my dad’s best-friend of 35 (plus) years & the loyalty & friendship our family shares with him.

49- receiving letters of encouragement in the mail

50- surprise bonus checks from work

51- male cardinals sitting on tree-branches on a snowy day

52- coupons!

53- baby dedication days at church

54- news that my dad’s feeling better after days of being up & down

prayerbracelet55- unexpected gifts from my mom (my prayer bracelet)

56- a finished work project

57- the excitement my dog shows when he receives a new chewy

58- baking homemade bread!

59- knowing my dad’s resting comfortably at home & no longer in the hospital

60- Beer & popcorn for dinner

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One Thousand Gifts…Week 2

25- The sound my cowboy boots make when I walk on asphalt…heel, thump, heel, thump (don’t judge my dorkiness) cowboyboots1

26-cups of hot green tea

27-flower scented Scentsy bars

28-news that my dad’s cancer hasn’t spread anywhere else in his body

29-quiet moments spent in prayer

30-the endless laughter I get at watching the squirrels run, play, & chase each other in my backyard (usually before my dog notices them & defends his property from the evil-doers squirrels are). Boy, are squirrels nuts! Winking smile

31-unexpected gifts of piles of books!

32-afternoon Friday lunch date with my Grandma

33-a job to get up & go to

hoofprints134-walking the trails at work & seeing them full of hoof-print tracks

35-co-workers that make a work day fun

36-seeing deer when I’m out hiking

37-honoring Martin Luther King, Jr & a reassurance of faith in people when they stand up for what is right when “enough is enough”

38-The rhododendron & holly bushes outside my living room bay window that attract dozens of wild songbirds. I get to watch them from only a few inches away (the bird-watcher in me loves this favorite thing about my house).

39-When I’ve wronged & hurt a family member (after I’ve become defensive & full of excuses on “why” I hurt them), my conscious doesn’t let me relax until I’ve apologized & corrected my behavior.

40-my brother came through his surgery with flying colors




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One Thousand Gifts…Week 1

My Women’s Bible Study is reading Ann Voskamp’s, One Thousand Gifts. It’s the author’s story of her journey to find 1000 things to be grateful for during the course of a year. Regardless of what darkness she was going through, she forced herself to find the joy in the midst of “deadlines, debt, drama, & daily duties.” To look & be thankful everyday for God’s glory.

It’s “Eucharisteo: grace, thanksgiving, & joy”

It’s getting in the habit of keeping your eyes on God & your hands open in thanks…even when the thanksgiving hurts.


As suggested by my good friend & Bible Study Leader, Pastor Heidi Strickler (faith in flip flops), I’m working on my own “One Thousand Gifts” list of thanksgiving.

“God wastes nothing & makes everything work for his plan. He is always good & you’re always loved”

-Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

Week 1

1- time spent with my brother, Chad, & nieces Haylie & Alexis

2-Women’s Bible Study classes started & the selection is One Thousand Gifts

3-my dog Waylon got scared & ran up to me looking for comfort & reassurance

4-sound of church bells ringing from an old, one-room church down the street from mechurch bells

5-the older lady that works at the dry cleaners. She’s always smiling & chatting, reminds me of my late Grandma C.

6-the local gas station (only store in town) carries chocolate peanut butter Bugles, the perfect salty/sweet snack when a craving kicks in

7-lazy mornings spent watching a Little House on the Prairie marathon (despite the fact that I’ve seen every episode a dozen times)

8-a vehicle that is showing her age, but still manages to get me where I need to go safely

9-phone calls from my mom reassuring me about things that I’m worried about

10-pulling up the driveway & seeing my cat sitting in the upstairs window.

11- when the raining downpour starts after I’ve arrived to work & not on my drive or walk into the building.


13-supportive texts from my Sister-in-Law, Robin.

14-a 60* day in the middle of January

15-when a cooking recipe turns out exactly as good as you hoped it would

16-the sound of rain as I’m falling asleep

17- A Sunday morning church service message that fits exactly what struggles lie on my heart

18- Pastors that are also close friends that pray over me

19- afternoon lunch dates with my Grandpa

20- evening walks with my dog

21- a good hard cry

22- bible scriptures that speak to a need I’m going through

23- a dog that is crazy happy to see me after a long, rough day7.28 (4)

24- friends that hug, love, & pray on me when they know I’m hurting


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