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Right Now: my reflections, obsessions & thankful’s in this moment…

Whew!!! What a whirlwind the last few months have been! From family health problems (prayers needed) to a change in work position & my MTI graduation I’ve barely had time to breath let alone blog.

It’s always nice to have a few blog ready-made-ideas when you only have a few moments to spout out a few words, so my fail-safe this week is a “Right Now” installment. My blog
idea topics are pretty tapped out at the moment, so if you’ve got any suggestions I’m open!

1.)I’m currently reading, watching & listening to… Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte-this was my selection for May’s Book Club read so I feel obligated to finish it, but truth be told it is PAINFUL to get through!!! Recently went & saw Heaven is for Real in the theatre. Loved it! Followed the book beautifully (some parts were uber-cheesy), but the message was gracefully delivered. And latest music obsessed song, Give me back my Hometown by Eric Church. I’m not even really sure how much I like this song because the lyrics kinda don’t make sense (and the music video was even more confusing) but it’s been in my head for days & the chorus is super catchy–

2.) I’m worried about… my Dad’s cancer. It’s spreading & outlook’s not the most positive despite best efforts. But God is good (and forgiving) & I do have faith that His will is always right & this is just a bump towards a greater purpose.

3.) I’m improving myself by… Book Club!!! Me & a few book nerd friends have started a monthly book club. Although we’ve been off to a rough start with some of our selections sucking big time (*cough Tale of Two Cities…*cough Wuthering Heights*) we’ve all hung in there! We’re all so geeked up over reading that others have shown interest to join. Like I said, we’re making reading cool again ­čśë

4.) I’m excited about… Nerd-alert flash again…but summer gardening. Mother Nature just needs to cooperate & provide some solid warm days with no thunderstorms or cold nights so I can get all my seed starters (which are taking off like crazy!) moved out of my sunroom into the dirt outside!

5.) I’m grateful to God for & asking for forgiveness because… I’ve gained back 15#’s over the winter from my last year. Since my 5k last September I haven’t been out running at all & never kept up with my yoga classes. Recently I’ve got back on track with a running schedule, joined yoga again & have dove in deeper & becoming even more strict with eating habits. So grateful that my daily prayer of strength & endurance is being answered (even though I accidentally fell asleep on the couch after work tonight & missed yoga). I ask forgiveness everyday, today it was because I lost my patience & acted snotty towards someone that probably couldn’t help their behavior. I’m forever a work in progress…



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Right Now: my reflections, obsessions & thankful’s in this moment.

1) I’m currently reading, watching & listening to…
-Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. I’ve read this novel dozens of times, but I’ve never read it from my 1895 early addition copy. There’s something amazing about holding a copy of a 100+year old book & thinking about all those that have read & held this novel before me.

-The Butler. It usually takes me days to watch a movie, can’t sit still long enough to watch a full movie. This one I was captivated by & watched all 2+hrs from start to finish. And I watched it the next night as well. Based on a true story of Cecil Gaines, a White House Butler for over 30 years & spans through many Presidencies.

-I Will Run to You by Hillsong. Sang this song for the first time in church a few weeks ago & I’ve been in love with the lyrics ever since!

2) I’m worried about…money! Isn’t everyone always worried about that???

3) I’m improving myself by…Sewing! My Grandma gave me her sewing machine & I’ve become obsessed. My first attempt was a success (just don’t look to close at the stitching job!). Bandana chair covers for my kitchen table.


4) I’m excited about…my first solo sermon is this Sunday night. I’ve changed it 4x’s & was supposed to preach last week, but due to the weather class was cancelled. I was very glad because it gave me a chance to completely re-do it again & I loooooove the new approach. And my parents will be there to hear me, woot!

5) I’m grateful to God for…so much this month! Above all for friends & family that helped me through some car problems when I didn’t know what I was going to do!
I’m asking God for forgiveness because…I threw a temper tantrum & doubted He would come through! Which He did!


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Right Now: my reflections, obsessions, & thankful’s in this moment.

I’m blog-stealing this idea from my friend Heidi H., ( who blog-stole it from a friend of hers. It’s all about what’s current & weighing on my thoughts in this moment. Because I like to tweak things & add my own flair, I’ve narrowed this new blog-topic into 5 categories & hope to continue with this idea monthly.

Thanks to all my blog-readers who have journeyed with me through 2013! May 2014 be your best year yet!!!


1.) I’m currently reading, watching & listening to…
The Last Valentine by James Pratt. Not sure how I feel about this book yet. Normally I give a novel 50-100pages (depending on the size of the book) to hold my interest; if it doesn’t, it gets tossed. This book passed the 50page mark, but now has flatlined. I’m debating on whether to continue on or axe it.

Little House on the Prairie. Favorite show of all time. Every few years I whip out the DVD series collection I own & brush up on favorite episodes.


Helluva Life by Frankie Ballard. Not a fan of the music video, but can’t help loving this song.

2.) I’m worried about…
-my Dad. About 6 weeks ago we learned that his cancer has spread. It means more surgeries, more chemo treatments & some big decisions for our family. Praying that God has his hands all over this situation we’re facing going into the new year!

3.) I’m improving myself by…
-getting back on track with eating healthy & exercising! Since my race in September I haven’t been running at all & I’ve gained 7#’s back. Which doesn’t seem like much, but when you take into consideration I haven’t been on a scale in 2mos. & the holiday season was free with cookies, pumpkin rolls & cheesecake I have a feeling that 7#’s has doubled!!! For the first time in my life I’m looking forward to putting healthier food back into my body & regaining energy back that I feel I’ve lost.

4.) I’m excited about…
-2014!!! Just a few days away! And with the start of new career position, a higher salary & the promise of new opportunities I’m so looking forward to all the potential 2014 offers!


5.) I’m grateful to God for and asking His forgiveness because…
-a Christmas holiday spent with family. It was such a great Christmas. Some of my relatives from out-of-state were visiting & can’t remember a time when I’ve laughed so hard. And thanks to my Aunt Toy who researches our family Geneology, I learned that my blood 10th great-grandmother was one of the 10 accused woman who were hanged during the Salem Witch Trials. It was amazing to learn not only about her, but all the relatives that came before me.

-in a spoiled child tantrum last night I told God how ticked off I was at Him. That prayers seem to fall on deaf ears & I don’t understand why. This is the biggest area I struggle in, the biggest area I lack faith & even prayers of “help my faith” seem to be ignored.

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